Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan have a lot in common: They’re both actors, both male, I’ve had massive crushes on both of them — it’s important to note that these were at different stages of my life — and both have starred in blockbuster hits released by studios under the Walt Disney Studios entertainment umbrella. But have you also noticed that they’re practically twins?

Mark Hamill

The comparison between Hamill and Stan is not a new concept. Fans have long addressed their similarities. So much so, in fact, that Stan responded in an Instagram comment, saying he had auditioned for Star Wars: The Force Awakens early on.

For months, I have downplayed their eerie physical similarities, but now I’m forced to admit that I’ve been very wrong. When this side-by-side photo found its way onto my Twitter feed, there was no denying their uncanny resemblance. Check it out below and be prepared to have your mind blown:

The image shows Stan’s face but with Hamill’s blond Luke Skywalker locks instead of the former’s typically dark mop of hair. True, the image is the combination of two photos of the actors morphed together, but it doesn’t detract from the fact the face looks very Stan-ish while his hair and shoulders are all Luke.

Sebastian Stan

After the image gained steam, one of Hamill’s Twitter followers sent it to Hamill himself. Being the avid social media user that he is, he promptly responded in enthusiastic agreement.

He then remained active on Twitter and went on to comment, like, and retweet even more Sebastian Stan-themed tweets for several hours:

Just last week, Stan posted the following Instagram of himself standing next to the legendary Star Wars actor with the caption reading: “Finally.” Clearly these two have never been far from each other’s minds.

It seems to me like both men can agree they do look alike, so it’s only a matter of time before we see Stan make his way into the Star Wars Universe. After all, keeping him working between Marvel and Lucasfilm would make scheduling easy enough. C’mon Disney, let’s make this happen. It was written in the stars!

Mark Hamill is currently filming Star Wars: Episode VIII and Sebastian Stan’s latest movie Captain America: Civil War is playing in theaters worldwide.