It’s often said that kids these days don’t know the value of a hard day’s worth of work. We’ve all seen it at one point or another – millennials who have high hopes of the future but remain glued to their phones instead of pursuing what they really want in life. Yes, things may be drastically different now than when we were that age, but we all have to work hard for success, and we’ve done so without the help of the internet and smartphones.

Micah Tyler has never been shy about expressing his feelings and observations through music. For those who have never heard of him, Micah constantly performs across the United States and plays “between 150 to 200 dates a year for churches, concert venues, camps, retreats, coffee shops, and pretty much any other stage or platform you can imagine.” His vocal talents have even earned him the honor of being named the National Male Vocalist of the Year by the Gospel Music Association at the Immerse Conference.

An accomplished singer and songwriter, Micah Tyler wrote and performed the hilarious song you see below about everyone’s favorite generation: millennials. Though he has some criticism for the youth who are still busy “trying to find themselves,” this catchy and hilarious tune is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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H/T: Watermark Church

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