Jocelyn Conway takes an original approach to newborn photos.

Since February 2015, the U.K. photographer has been taking pictures of babies in “bump bowls” — plaster casts of their mothers’ pregnant bellies.

These “bump bowl” picturesare a creative approach to newborn photography.

“I love the idea of the baby being back in its bump for a photo!” Conway told The Huffington Post. “The babies usually love being back in their casts! They seem to settle straight back in to their ‘home’ for the last nine months! It’s lovely to see!”

The photographer took a body casting course five years ago, and eventually came up with the idea for her now trademarked “Bump Bowl” project to put her new skills into practice. She generally makes the casts when the mother is about 34 to 36 weeks pregnant.

For the safety and comfort of the babies, each image is created as a composite of multiple photos, so the newborn is always physically supported in the bowl.

Conway shared a glimpse into her process in creating these photos.

Said Conway, “I love doing the bump casts. It’s such a privilege to be a part of someone’s life at such a special time, and be involved in making memories for the family and for the baby when he or she is older.”

Keep scrolling and visit Conway’s website to see more of her creative newborn photos and behind the scenes process.

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