Back in 2003, Cohen interviewed Trump as Ali G. Trump later claimed he was the only person who immediately walked out of an Ali G interview. Now, Cohen is calling BS. “>

I never fall for scams, tweeted former Celebrity Apprentice host Donald J. Trump, who allegedly ran one of his own with the currently-under-investigation Trump University. I am the only person who immediately walked out of my Ali G interview.

You see, back in 2003, British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen interviewed Trump on Da Ali G Show, a satirical comedy series featuring Cohen conducting interviews with unsuspecting subjects as a variety of characters, including the titular street-smart poseur Ali G. So, the two went back-and-forth with one another for a bit, with Cohens Ali G trying to pitch Trump on a business idea called Ice Cream Gloves that make the ice cream not go on your hands and make it well sticky, and also keep your hands warm when you is eating the ice cream.

Cohen appeared on James Cordens The Late Late Show Monday night and addressed his on-camera showdown with Trump, joking, Well I was the first person actually to realize hes a dick.

I interviewed him as Ali G, whos this wannabe rapper character, and I was trying to get Donald Trump to invest in this business scheme that I had, which was I was trying to sell something called The Ice Cream Glove, said Cohen. Anyway, he did not invest and decided to move into politics instead.

According to the clip that aired on Da Ali G Show, Trump seems to realize that hes being taken for a ride about one minute into the interview and is shown saying, Good luck folks, its been nice seeing you. You take care of yourself, OK? before walking out.

Corden asked Cohen about Trumps claim that he immediately walked out of the Ali G interview, and, well, the comedian said that things didnt exactly go the way the real estate heir says they did.

He claims that he did. He claims that he saw through the interview, but actually he was there for seven minutes, said Cohen.

Is that long for an Ali G interview? asked Corden.

Yes. Quite a long time, chuckled Cohen. Quite a long time.

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