A former employee at Seattle Children’s is facing theft charges, accused of embezzling nearly $100,000 from the hospital.  Prosecutors say the money was used to build a Hindu temple.

As first reported in the Seattle PI, Bram Deo has admitted to the embezzlement and resigned in August of 2015 when confronted by his employer.

Court documents say he spent more than a decade working in the accounting department at Seattle Children’s.  It was in 2011 and 2012 when he allegedly stole $96,250 from the hospital.

As for what he was doing with the money, investigators say Deo also served as treasurer for a Hindu temple on Des Moines Memorial Drive in Seattle.

According to court documents, he reportedly used the money to pay for construction at the temple, and told the contractor doing the work it was an authorized donation from Seattle Children’s.

Deo was charged just last week, with five counts of theft in the first degree.

A spokesperson for Seattle Children’s told KING 5 that the hospital discovered the theft during an internal investigation in 2015.  The hospital then reported the theft to the Seattle Police Department.

“As a result of the theft, Seattle Children’s, assisted by outside professionals, diligently reviewed our internal controls and processes and implemented new procedures and oversight designed to further minimize the risk of fraud, theft, and embezzlement,” said Seattle Children’s Spokesperson Alyse Bernal.  “We take our responsibility as financial stewards very seriously and are confident in the security of our controls.  Seattle Children’s also successfully recovered from Mr. Deo the funds that were stolen, as well as the expenses for our investigation.”

Court documents say that hospital leadership felt it was important for Deo to be charged for his criminal activity.

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