Forget Andrew Luck vs Russell Wilson; NBC Sports Patrick Daugherty took the argument around the Seattle Seahawks quarterback to the next level recently.

He doesn’t just think Wilson is the best young quarterback but also the best quarterback situation in the NFL period. Now, to be fair, quite a bit of overlap exists within the two arguments. Wilson tops the list partly because of his age, as well as, skill. In essence, he got the nod over Packers QB Aaron Rodgers because the age gap is so wide.

Still, he beat out Luck, who claimed last year’s number one slot (for similar reasons), Panthers QB Cam Netwon (the 2016 NFL MVP) and Rodgers, who many still regard as the best quarterback in the game.

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He also topped names like the Saints’ Drew Brees, Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger, and Patriots’ Tom Brady and again age was factor. The irony, with the reasons behind Wilson’s ascent to the top spot, is he’s not getting points deducted for having a run game. On the contrary, his numbers shining with a stout run attack were a notch in his favor. Here was Daugherty’s reasoning.

You could certainly argue that Wilson still isn’t as good as Aaron Rodgers, but you can’t argue his age — five years younger. That’s not to say youth alone is Wilson’s claim to the top spot. Whereas Rodgers struggled with a bad supporting cast last season, Wilson has consistently thrived with them. He’s also been held back by a run-first scheme that finally gave way to his unique gifts in 2015. Marshawn Lynch slept through his victory lap, so Wilson took the reins of the offense and put it on his back. Wilson has no missing pieces. He’s durable bordering on unbreakable, has made 10 postseason starts — including two Super Bowls — and gotten better each year. He is the envy of the league at its most important position. He is the most irreplaceable player in football, and the No. 1 reason the Seahawks will be challenging for Super Bowls for years to come.

Wilson’s durability, accountability and productivity have combined into a force that the league didn’t see coming. And, it’s possible he still hasn’t reached the peak of his powers.

2016 looks bright for the Seahawks’ offense, led by the best quarterback in situation in football.